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9 Puppy Products That Are A Waste Of Money

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As a new dog owner, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying every cute accessory you see. But puppies don’t need every single gadget and the latest accessory. Don’t make the same mistake I made and avoid these items so you can save your money on more important things.

Puppies are expensive. The cost of unexpected visits to the vet, puppy food, and all the items that you have to purchase for your dog can add up pretty fast. As a new dog owner myself, I’ve been there and I want to share with you some of the items that I bought for my puppy that I regret buying.

The last item was not only was it the most expensive one but it also ended up being very dangerous for my puppy!


  1. Expensive dog brushes

I tried out many different types of grooming brushes and honestly, my favorite one is only $9. You don’t need the fancy or expensive brushes you see TikTok influencers recommending. This simple de-shedding brush works just as well.

Twice a year during shedding seasons, my dog sheds A LOT. I mean…. look at all this fluff!!!

 I was able to get all of that fur out with just this simple grooming brush.


  1. Dog spritz or dog cologne

Don’t even waste your money, you don’t need this. Not only that it can irritate your puppy's skin but also dogs have a strong sense of smell and it can make them nauseous. So let your dog smell like a dog, it doesn’t need to smell like blueberries or lavender! Your dog's natural scent is part of what makes them unique. Instead of the dog spritz focus on maintaining your dog's overall hygiene through regular baths and frequent brushing.


  1. Gentle leader head collar

I know many people won’t agree with me on this one. But for ME it was a complete waste of money. My puppy hated having the collar around her nose and refused to go out with it.

I tried out many different types of collars and I personally love the quick-release training collar. Just make sure it has a quick-release buckle for safety. Read the instructions on how to properly put it on before you take your puppy outside.

 I would try to walk your puppy at home with the collar first to make sure you know how to properly put it on and that the puppy is comfortable. Pay close attention and make sure the fur is not in the buckle otherwise, the collar can open. Let me know if you want me to do a video on the correct way of putting on the training collar. some people say their large dog escaped from it, but I personally never had any issues with it, and Hazel still enjoys her walks.  

This quick-release training collar will keep you, your puppy, and others around you safe.


  1. Heavy-duty Dog Harness

People might disagree with me on this one too and I’m sure it works great for some dog owners but this one also didn't work for me. It has way too many buckles and it takes forever to put on.  Maybe I didn’t secure it properly but my dog managed to escape from it. So, for me, the dog harness was a waste of money.


  1. No chew spray

If your puppy is teething you’ve probably heard that no chew spray works. Just spray it on all your furniture and it will stop them from chewing everything. Well for me, this one didn’t work either, it just made the house smelly. Hazel still chewed on everything. She chewed up all my books, my stairs, and the legs of the chairs.

Instead, I would recommend getting better chew toys and more mental stimulation. You can also try roasted pig ears. My puppy loves to chew on them and it’s great for cleaning teeth:


  1. Puppy Pee pads

Don’t buy too many puppy pee pads. I stocked up expecting my puppy to have some accidents in the house but she never even used them, just ripped them apart. Buy a little bit first and test it out before you start buying the large family-size packs.


  1. Treats

Yes, most dogs do love treats. As a new dog owner, you want to spoil your puppy and buy all the treats.

 I was very excited and bought tons of different ones expecting to use them for training but my puppy didn’t like any of them and a lot of these treats are VERY expensive.

So, if you have a picky puppy like me, try using pieces of cheese sticks for training or tiny pieces of chicken. It’s cheaper and it motivated my puppy to do some tricks.


  1. Dog booties or dog socks

I'm sorry but… I think it’s a complete waste of money. First of all, they don’t even stay on, especially if you have a very active dog and if the ground is so hot that your dog needs boots then it’s probably too hot for the dog to be outside anyway.

If you do live in areas where temperatures dip below freezing you might want to consider investing in good quality dog booties, but otherwise don’t waste your money on these.


  1. Dog playpen WITH rods

The number 1 thing that I REGRET buying is a dog playpen with rods!

Not only was it VERY expensive but it’s also very dangerous for your dog. I know I should’ve probably done more research before buying it but as a new dog owner I had no idea that you’re not allowed to leave your dog in a playpen with a collar on.

I left my puppy in there with some toys and went to go do something in the kitchen then a little while later I heard crying. She jumped over the playpen and her collar got caught on the rod.

If you're going to buy a playpen for your pup make sure it doesn’t have any rods sticking out and remove the collar first. Check out some of the safer playpen options.

Also don’t get anything with mesh because your puppy will chew through it.


As a new dog owner, it's easy to fall into the trap of buying every cute accessory and gadget you come across. However, puppies don’t need every single item, and some purchases can end up being a waste of money. I've been there myself and learned the hard way. Avoiding these nine items can save you money for more essential things.

Remember, being a dog owner comes with its expenses, from vet visits to food and grooming supplies. By being mindful of your purchases and focusing on what your puppy truly needs, you can ensure that both you and your furry friend have a happy and healthy journey together.

So, before splurging on expensive dog items, consider whether they're truly necessary for your puppy's well-being. Stick to the essentials, invest in quality products when needed, and most importantly, enjoy the priceless moments you'll share with your beloved pup.


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